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2 X-rays – 2 very different patient experiences

I’ve been exploring the patient perspective recently – not at all voluntarily but with great interest. I’ve had 2 x-rays done in the past months and I can’t help comparing them. First experience Got a referral to a large hospital … Continue reading

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Opening up my practice

We have now reached unit 6 in the course flexible, distance and open learning  and the topic for this unit is “Open educational practices”. I will here reflect on my current practice and identify I can provide opportunities to my students … Continue reading

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How I support my students and opportunities for further improvement

Today, I’m reflecting on how I support my students’ learning today and opportunities for improvement using online tools. I teach two courses at the International master program in health informatics in at KI. The student group is very heterogeneous with … Continue reading

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World Usability Day 2013

World Usability Day is an international event taking place on the second Thursday in November every year. It is a day with focus on usability, user experience and accessibility. This year’s theme is “Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems” and of … Continue reading

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Extending collaborative learning using digital technologies

I’m continuing the course “Flexible, distance and online learning” (FDOL) and the past weeks we have been discussion collaborative learning and how it can be extended using digital technologies. In this blog post I will discuss some of the aspects … Continue reading

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