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Academic rewards

I’ve had a couple of rough days (weeks? months?) and when life starts messing with you all of a sudden it becomes much harder to cope with the huge work load as well. I usually don’t have a problem juggling … Continue reading

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Addicted to ToDo-lists

At times like these, when I simply don’t know where to start because I have so many things to do, I make lists. On little pieces of paper, on the back of reports I’m reading, and more recently in the … Continue reading

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Do new mothers doing a PhD get enough support?

That’s the question asked in a piece on the Times Higher Education web site. I was actually interviewed over the phone for this article, since the author had read my post on PhD parenting! I have a couple of comments … Continue reading

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PhD parenting

I started writing this post last year as I was taking the MOOC “How to survive your PhD“. I quickly got engaged in online discussions about the struggles of getting your PhD and keeping your sanity. I worked on my … Continue reading

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It will be a short blog post today – gotta have those days too… did I complain the other day about the never ending work of academics, grading exams over the weekend and reviewing papers late at night? Well, today … Continue reading

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In celebration of academic friendships

This morning I was reached by the best news – my very good friend Isabella just had a daughter! I’m thrilled and so happy I can barely keep myself from jumping on a plane and fly across Sweden to see her. … Continue reading

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How professors spend their time

Today it’s saturday. What I’m doing? Playing Wii U with the kids? NO. Taking a long walk or going to the gym? NO. Curled up on the sofa with the next book for my book club? NO. I’m grading exams. … Continue reading

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