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User Evaluation of the Swedish Patient Accessible Electronic Health Record – a long overdue publication

Finally! Data for this study was collected years ago, but we just never had the time to sit down and analyze it properly until last year. But we somehow managed to squeeze it into the pandemic schedule at last, and … Continue reading

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Burden of interacting with healthcare

Today I was at the MYiHealth conference in Stockholm. I gave a workshop together with Sara Riggare and Eskil Degsell and the topic was Digital Patients leading development of healthcare. We had a great time, and the discussions in our … Continue reading

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Transparency and behavioral change

I’m exhausted after a long day of discussions and meetings and debate. Emotional, engaging and inspiring. We started the day with a great presentation of the OpenNotes initative in the US made by Jan Walker. The experience they have made of … Continue reading

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On empathy

I just had to share this. I hope I remember it myself the next time an urge to start “silver lining” comes to me. On the other hand, perhaps silver lining is a good coping strategy? In the blog post Cancer … Continue reading

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The importance of a shared meal

Food is important to me. I think everyone who knows me can vouch for that. I don’t know if people can be categorized into those that eat to live and those that live to eat, but I would probably belong … Continue reading

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The story of illness

I’m a researcher in health informatics – but growing up, what I always dreamed of was being an author, a storyteller. As a researcher, I of course get to write. And write, and write. But the storytelling is seldom in … Continue reading

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I sneak by the room where you sit in your favorite chair – I don’t know if you’re sleeping. I don’t want you to see I’ve been crying. Again. I step carefully over the plastic tube that gives you oxygen. … Continue reading

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