User-Centered Design – is everyone doing that?

I read a post on twitter recently saying that the main difficulty for advocates of patient-centered care today is that everyone believes they are doing patient-centered care.

I can relate. I believe the same problem faces those of us who advocate a user-centered design approach in health informatics. When arguing that we need to listen to and involve end-users in the development of health information systems – not many people disagree. In fact, most people claim to do just that. So, why is that not improving the usability of health information systems? Well, perhaps we also need to ask us HOW we are doing our user-centered design. What specific methods and activities are we using? At what stages of the development process? And how do the end-users perceive this – do they agree that we have involved, listened to and understood them?

This is a topic I will most certainly return to in the future!

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