Building usability into national eHealth strategies

Last week, I (together with my good friend and former colleague Isabella Scandurra, @isadurra on twitter) presented a paper at the 4th international workshop on Infrastructures for Healthcare: Action Research, Interventions, and Participatory Design.

The paper describes results from a national project aiming to increase focus on usability in the National eHealth Strategys action plans. We describe the method used to involve stakeholders from health and social care, as well as vendors of health IT systems in the identification and prioritization of current usability issues that needs to be addressed on national, regional and local levels. While we presented our research paper at the workshop, the report was handed over to the Swedish government, and hopefully the results will form a starting point for a strong and effective action plan for eHealth in Sweden. The report itself is written in Swedish, but if that is not a problem you can download it here.

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