To my best friend, partner and constant support

Thank you, Mattias.

Thank you for being stable when I doubt.

Thank you for being patient when I second guess.

Thank you for never, ever complaining when I stay up late at night writing research proposals, writing papers, grading exams. Without you, I would never have been able to cope with it all.



On our wedding day – (almost) the beginning of a wonderful journey

Thank you for creating the two most amazing little persons with me, and

Copy (2) of IMG_1069

Ester and Emil 2012

for being a great dad.

Thank you for always doing the laundry (which I never have time to) and vacuuming (which I hate). And for cooking. And for binge watching TV-series. And for not complaining when I insist on watching things like Desperate housewives or Gray’s anatomy (except for the occassional “shoddy writing”-comment).

Thank you for daring that first kiss despite my warnings of starting something we wouldn’t be able to control. Oh, and thanks for putting up with me being a control freak.

Thank you for always making me laugh, even when things are really bad. And for just holding me when there is no laughter to be found.

Thank you for writing poetry that I sometimes don’t understand, and that sometimes rips my heart out and takes my breath away. Thank you for all the short (and longer) stories in which we meet and fall in love, over and over again.

And Happy 40th Birthday!

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