Demo devil – is your name Inera?

Last week I was invited by the LET (Laboratory for Emerging Technologies)research group at KI to participate in a workshop and an afterwork (with beer) at the new H2 Health Hub in Solna. Naturally I agreed, and yesterday I joined a bunch of creative people and was going to share some of my experiences of accessing my own Electronic Health Record (EHR) as I’ve been able to do since 2012. I logged in before lunch just to refresh my demo flow and everything was working fine. At 14.15 (when I was supposed to live demo) it was not working AT ALL. I could log into my and all was well until I tried to open the EHR (Journalen). All error messages and disaster. Spent 5 panicking minutes restarting, trying different browsers – you know, all you can do when a service suddenly crashes on you. Nothing worked. I hade to give up and resort to showing the interview with Benny instead (which was fine but not really the same thing as logging in live and sharing my own data).

Later I found the following information on Inera’s webJournalservice

Turns out, the whole national service was shut down for service on the exact hours of the workshop. How unlucky can you be? At least I learned to check Inera’s web before agreeing to do live demos in the future. Yesterday, Inera – you were my personal Demo Devil…

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