Off to France!

Considering the quite turbulent and frankly traumatic spring I’ve had, I haven’t really had time to prepare – but, yes, I’m going to France today! To watch football, you ask? No, I will try to keep as far away from the football crowds as I can and focus on World Heritage sites (I’ll tell you more about this very personal obsession later) and research instead. You see, last year I applied for a scholarship for research mobility from Institute Francais, and I was granted it!

So, starting Monday – I will be in Lille at the EVALAB discussing usability of health information systems, user-centered design with patients, and patient perspectives on monitoring and self-tracking. I’m really excited and I hope that this will lead to great future collaborations between our two research groups.

If I’m not too busy, I will try to give regular updates on the work we’re getting done here on the blog – so stay tuned!

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