Academic writing report

Remember I challenged myself last week to increase my academic writing? So, how did this week go? Well, I was aiming to write 1000 words/day for 5 of the 6 days of the week, but would be happy with 500. Here are the numbers:

Date Blog Academic writing
2017-03-01 443 300
2017-03-02 342 100
2017-03-03 0 0
2017-03-04 171 1700
2017-03-05 557 3400

As you can see, I did a ridiculous amount of academic writing over the weekend. I just simply can’t seem to fit it into my work days… I will try to work on that this week. The past week was a bit special though. I had a deadline for a paper yesterday and I was not feeling well on Friday (haunted by some complications after a surgery I had a couple of weeks ago).

But overall, quite a good first week I would say! 5500 words written (not counting the blog posts). Way to go!

I ended up not submitting the paper with the deadline yesterday though… I’m not entirely happy with it, but it’s off to a flying start.

[post 5 in the #blogg100 challenge – still behind…]

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