MobEVAL meet HäPP

Yesterday I dared to battle the Swedish weather and went on slippery roads to Norrtälje together with Magnus Peterson. It’s not the first time, and will not be the last as we are now proud supervisors of Lovisa Jäderlund Hagstedt who was recently registered as a PhD student at the Health Informatics Centre. Lovisa’s “day job” is as a primary care physician in Norrtälje, and her research will focus on how mobile IT-solutions are used in homecare today, and what impact the introduction of new mobile IT-solutions will have. We refer to this research project as MobEVAL, and we hope that it will grow with more collaborations both within Sweden and internationally.

The electronic health record (EHR) Hälsa på plats (HäPP) is a mobile application for home care, that makes it possible to access the electronic health record by using a tablet, through the health innovation platform (HIP), thus enabling reading and writing health records on the tablet while on home visits. The application was developed in cooperation between the academic medical center in primary care (AVC) Norrtälje TioHundra AB, Innovationslussen in Stockholm County Counsil (SLL), Apple Sweden and Chorus AB. And now we get to evaluate it!

I will of course report further about our results as we move forward in the project.

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