Demo environment of Swedish patients’ EHR access

So, today I’ve been showing my own online access to my electronic health record (EHR) to lots of people from all around the world. I was asked if there’s a way to see the e-service “Journalen” even if you don’t have a Swedish log-in to the patient portal. And of course there is. There’s an open demo environment at the Inera website, and here’s a little instruction in English…

Unfortunately most of the information at Inera’s website is in Swedish, but there is a lot of interesting data available there on e.g. the national regulatory framework, what information different regions give access to and statistics about current use of the national eHealth services.

You find the demo environment here “Journalens demonstrationsmiljö”. You do not have to log in using your BankID (as in the real environment). Instead you have a list of test users to choose from. You can of course explore all of them, but I recommend Frida Kransstegen as she has most data in her EHR. As this is a demo environment, not all data is clinically relevant or correct, but you will at least be able to test the designs and functionality.

This is the view you will see after choosing a user (without the red circles of course):

Journalen with circles

The 4 circles in the picture above represents the four main menus or functional areas you have access to.

  1. This is mainly administrative functions, except for “Journalen” which actually shows you the medical record (same as if you click on any of the functions in menu 2). In menu 1 you can e.g. see log reports, update your personal information (address, contact info etc), and find out more about the e-service Journalen.
  2. This is the main functions or information types you have access to within Journalen. Whenever you click on one of the functions in this menu, a sub-menu will open up in menu 1 (under Journalen) showing the same alternatives, so that you can move between them without returning to the start
  3. Here you can see what information is shown by different regions. Since the national regulatory framework is still very weak, the different regions have made very different decisions about what information to show. Here you can find out more about what information can be expected in different parts of Sweden
  4. Since you can also have access to e.g. your children’s medical records, you can here switch between different persons’ records.

Hope this helps if you’re interested!

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