The Swedish Collaboration on Digital Care Research

During 2020, I joined forces with researchers all over Sweden with a special interest in digital care, specifically online consultations. We started a research network to exchange experiences, coordinate research and share results, both within the network and to other interested.

It’s really rewarding to bounce ideas, hear what others are working on and get feedback on your own work. The network is very interdisciplinary and with perspectives ranging from patient empowerment, to usability, to reimbursement and financial aspects it’s discussions are always very challenging and exciting. 2021 we will start a series of lunch webinars, where researchers presents interesting studies. Most will be held in Swedish.

19th of February 12.45-13.00 is our first webinar, where professor Åsa Cajander, Uppsala University, will present a study on how a chat function affected the work environment of healthcare professionals at 1177. The webinar will be held in Swedish, and is open for anyone to join. Find out more and sign up here.

Cajander, Å., Larusdottir, M. & Hedström, G., The effects of automation of a patient-centric service in primary care on the work engagement and exhaustion of nurse.  Qual User Exp 5, 9 (2020). (open Access

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