Work life balance (and vacation)

If it’s one thing I’m struggling with that has been even more difficult during the pandemic, it’s finding the balance between work and rest. As I’ve been working exclusively from home for the past year, this has been increasingly challenging. When there’s not much else to do – work has taken over most of my time. Even now, in the middle of summer, last week of my vacation – I can’t help but planning for activities starting up in August…

It doesn’t help of course when that long overdue paper finally gets accepted and you need to do proof reading within two days… and then again a week or so later. Or funding applications with deadlines. Or a thesis arriving in the mail that have agreed to review. But I’m also blessed with work that feels really rewarding and fun – I just don’t want it to take over EVERYTHING.

So, my plan for this week includes:

  • baking a pie (or two)
  • visiting my mother-in-law
  • possibly take the kids to Furuvik
  • cinema (just need to decide on which movie(s))
  • long walks with the dog
  • and a bit of online teaching + finalizing a paper… or two. And those overdue ethical review applications…

See you in August! 🙂

Summertime home office
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