Plenary Session at the European Patient Forum Congress

In a few weeks time, I will deliver a Keynote speech as part of a Plenary Session organized by the BMJ at the EPF Congress. The session is scheduled for October 26th 13.00-14.00 CET.

Patients’ access, control and ownership of health data remains key topics to address to harness health data for better patients’ care. This plenary session will focus on discussing these three topics in terms of pros, cons, challenges and impact on patients’ lives. 

I’m very excited about this, I think it’s time we as patients in Europe demand equal rights when it comes to accessing our own health data from our healthcare providers. Of course, challenges and difficulties may be different in different countries, but from what I’ve seen over the years we are more similar than we think. The resistance to giving patients this access is almost identical across international settings, as are the benefits experienced by patients as they gain access.

For more information about the congress; please visit the conference website.

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