How professors spend their time

Today it’s saturday. What I’m doing? Playing Wii U with the kids? NO. Taking a long walk or going to the gym? NO. Curled up on the sofa with the next book for my book club? NO.

I’m grading exams. I have 20 written exams to grade, 5 revised assignments that need to be re-assessed and 4 papers to review for a conference. Needless to say they should all be done by Monday. Oh, and I also need to upload feedback on the 21 case reports I should have uploaded yesterday.

It makes me think of this chart by Jorge Cham from PhD comics – look it up! It’s hilarious – and strangely therapeutic.


Jorge Cham /
From “Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD),” the higher ed comic strip from Jorge Cham.

Admittedly, I have about 40% teaching in my current position, but there are days when it feels a bit overwhelming. Especially when the ongoing research projects also have deadlines and meetings and results to produce that cannot be postponed.

On the other hand – I wouldn’t want to do without it. The teaching  I mean. When I first started, I was terrified and (and admittedly I hated it), but I’ve really come to enjoy it over the years. The planning, preparations and interaction with the students – it’s great. I learn as much as they do! I just wish there where a few more hours to each day – so I wouldn’t have to look forward to the weekends as a “time to catch up”. But obviously I have time to blog about it – so how bad can it be.

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