My health informatics research blogging debut!

This is my first entry in my new blog. I love using twitter, but lately have felt a need to express myself in text longer than 140 letters – so here’s my blog! 

Topics will have a broad range; from user-centered design and usability, to eHealth, national strategies to promote interoperability, mobile health and research methodologies. I believe that information and communication technology (ICT) has the power to transform health and social care for the better, but we need to harness this power to make sure it works for us!   

My own research focuses on user centered development of patient centered ICT to support collaboration within health- and social care as well and give patients and informal carers a access to tools and information that allow them to participate on equal terms. My goal is to do research that makes health information systems easier to use, better suited to their context and adapted to the specific user’s need. Please join me on this journey!

Feel free to follow my twitter account as well: @mariahagglund

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