HIC seminars

I work at a research centre called the Health Informatics Centre (HIC). The centre is a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet (KI) and the Stockholm County Council (SLL). Besides all the research we are doing ourselves, we also organize what we call “HIC seminars” approximatelly once a month. We invite interesting projects, researchers or practitioners that are working within the broad area of Health Informatics or Medical Informatics or eHealth or Health Technology or whatever you want to call this thing that we do where healthcare and information technology meet. Sometimes we even speak ourselves about the work we are doing.  

Today it’s time for the last seminar for the spring semester and we’ve invited researchers from Uppsala University working with the U-CARE project (http://www.u-care.uu.se/); an interdisciplinary research program at Uppsala University with the overarching mission to evaluate programs to prevent and reduce psychosocial distress in patients and their loved ones in connection with somatic disease.  

All HIC seminars are open to the public and if you happen to be in Stockholm and want to listen just drop by! Information on upcoming seminars can be found on our website www.ki.se/hic or by signing up for our newsletter at http://ki.se/ki/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=34348&a=104430&l=en 


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