Vitalis 2016

Will you be attending Vitalis this year? If you’re not familiar with the Vitalis conference, it’s one of the main meeting points for everyone working with health informatics or eHealth in Sweden. It’s held in Gothenburg every year in April, and this year it’s 5-7 April. Last year I was just there one day – it’s actually possible to take the train early in the morning and back again in the evening, but you get a looong day. This year, I’ll spend all three days there, and I’m really looking forward to it. Since it’s also during the #blogg100 challenge, you will certainly get some updates!

Among other things, I will be presenting some of the results and experiences from the IntegrIT project I have been working with the past 2 years. Looking forward to many interesting discussions on how we can make the lifes of clinical researchers and study participants easier!

Vitalis IntegrIT

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