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Today the annual list of the 100 most powerful people in Swedish MedTech was published by MedTech Magazine. It’s an interesting read for anyone involved in this field in Sweden today. I’ve not yet managed to get on the list myself (not that it’s really been a goal of mine, I enjoy lurking in the shadows), but I’m very proud of HIC’s Sara Riggare who is once again ranked very high (no 5 on the list).

Sara was actually one of the first students in our international master programme in health informatics, and she stuck around and began her PhD studies at KI after graduating. I’ve had the pleasure of acting as her main supervisor since 2014, and it’s been very inspiring to try to keep up with Sara who always has more ideas and projects and contacts running in parallel than anyone else that I know. Her position on the list is definitely well deserved.

If you want to find out more about Sara and her work I suggest checking out her blog; Sara – not patient but im-patient. I guess one of her most well-known posts is this one about the amount of time she spends in healthcare vs. in self-care. The illustration with blue and red dots (1 red dot = 1 hour with her neurologist/year, and 8 765 blue dots = the hours she spends self-managing her Parkinson’s Disease), is one of the more powerful visualizations of the importance of self-care and patient empowerment I have found. What do you think?

Right now we are working on the resubmission of Sara’s second journal paper for her PhD thesis which focuses on patient-driven N-of-1 experiments. Very exciting. Here are two of Sara’s other publications (for more, please check her KI profile page):

Looking forward to co-authoring the next one!

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