Interview about DOME-studies

Are you interested in finding out more about some of the results from the DOME research consortium? I’ve written before about my collaboration with researchers from all over Sweden in this consortium, and I’m bound to return to it in the future. But if you want to hear from other researchers in the consortium, you can listen to an interview with Åsa Cajander and Jonas Moll where they discuss some of the results from studies already performed, and describe some current and planned studies.

One thing they discuss is the difference in expectations of patients’ online access to their electronic health records (PAEHR) between patients and healthcare professionals. I think it’s essential that we continue to study what actually happens when PAEHR is introduced, as there is a lot of opinions and very little facts in the debate around this topic. That’s why I’m so excited to participate in several DOME-studies, including one that I am project leader for; PACESS. I will tell you more about this project in future posts!

[post 3 in the #blogg100 challenge – a little delayed, sorry!]

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